Manon Brodsky Schipa
short biography

Manon Brodsky, dancer, teacher of classical dance and coreographer.

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where began her studies with the teachers of  Teatro Colon Michel Borovsky and Esmée Bulnes.

She moved to Europe and followed a special master whit Nikolas Zwereff, Boris Kniaseff e Nikolas Beriozoff.

She begins her professional career in Switzerland, Stadttheater of Zurich, and makes her debut as soloist in the Stadttheater of Berne.

She signs as prima ballerina in Germany, tehaters of Hildesheim and Wurzburg, in Austria, teather of Linz, and as understudy to leading roles in the Hamburg Staat Oper.

Later on she's called in Israele as emerging personality by National Opera of Tel Aviv.

She often acts in double role of dancer and coreographer in opera stagings, with the best reviews concerning her stylistic versatility. 

In 1969, with a special authorization obtained through Rudolph Nureyev agent S.A.Golinsky, she has the chance of working with the great dancer, of whom becomes a strict friend and from whom learns the special technique and style she will later transfer to her pupils.

Back in Argentina, at present she directs courses in Classical Dance, Russian Technique, and a seminar on Classical Dance Repertoire wich have formed, among others, many young dancers coming from Bolshoi Theater of Moscow and from the Superior Institute of Art of Teatro Colòn.